Iperius Backup 5.8.5

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 Introduction and Features

Iperius Backup 5.8.5 is an effective solution to backup and protect your important files and data. It has many features. Iperius Backup software has become the perfect tool for transferring and backing up data. These toolscan integrate with the most advanced disk backup technology provided by Windows, allowing you to copy the entire operating system with fast backups. After the backup is complete, Iperius Backup can send a notification email containing a detailed report of the backup process also secure SSL protocol so that you always know the results of the backup. Iperius Backup is designed with many advanced encryption and compression features. It is the best software for database backups SQL Server,MySQL, ESXi, NAS, FTP, Hyper-V virtual machines. Cloud Backup, S3, LTO and Google Drive. It is the best Backup Software for Windows 10.


 All Windows Version

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